Clutch Replacements

For manual transmission models, the clutch is an important vehicle power system components, it assumes the power and the engine cut off and the connection between the work. Complex sections of the road or in a city driving, the clutch has become our one of the most frequently used components, and the use of the good or bad clutch, directly reflects the level of driving, but also reflects the good or bad for vehicle protection. Proper use of clutch, clutch master principle to use the clutch in exceptional circumstances to solve the problem, is driving a manual transmission models, riders each should grasp. So-called clutch, by definition means that use of "off" and "cooperation" to deliver the right amount of power. By the friction plate clutch, springs, pressure plate and the power output shaft component, arranged between the engine and gearbox, the engine flywheel used to store the torque transfer to the gearbox to ensure that vehicles in different driving conditions passed to the driver wheel driving force and the amount of torque, is the scope of powertrain. In the half-time of linkage, clutch power input and power output allowed speed difference, speed difference is achieved through an appropriate amount of power transfer. Clutch three working state, that is not engaged the clutch and all connections, some clutch semi-linked, and depresses the clutch is not linked. When the vehicle in normal driving, the pressure plate is leaning firmly squeeze the friction plate on the flywheel, pressure plate and friction plate at this time the friction between the largest input shaft and output shaft remained relatively static friction between the two the same speed . When the vehicle started, the driver depresses the clutch, clutch pedal movement by pulling back pressure plate, that is, pressure plate and friction plate separation, pressure plate and flywheel at this time no contact, but also the relative friction does not exist. Last one, that is, semi-linked state of the clutch. At this point, pressure plate and friction disc friction is less than the whole-linked state. Clutch and flywheel friction plate on the sliding friction between the state. Flywheel speed is greater than the output shaft speed, out of power transmission from the flywheel to the transmission part of the pass. At this point the engine and the driving wheel is equivalent to a soft link between the state. In general, the clutch and the shift in the vehicle when starting to play a role, this time a transmission shaft and the speed difference between the two shafts, engine power here must be cut with a shaft after the synchronizer to a good shaft speed to maintain a two-axis synchronization, gear hanging up in the future, and through the clutch will be a combination of shaft and engine power so that power continues to be transmitted. In the clutch, there is an essential buffer, which consists of two similar to the flywheel with the disc on in the disc to play with rectangular grooves, groove arranged in the spring, in the case of to intense shocks, the two took place each spring between the disc elasticity, the buffer to external stimuli. Effective protection of the engine and clutch. Various parts of the clutch, pressure plate spring strength, friction coefficient of friction, clutch diameter, location and clutch friction plate number of clutch performance is a key factor in the decision, the greater the stiffness of the spring, the higher the friction coefficient of friction plate, larger the diameter of the clutch, clutch performance the better.

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